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Tucson LiveJournal

Tucsonans & Friends
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Welcome to LJ's very own Tucson community!

The intent of this community is to provide an open forum for recommendations, questions/discussions, photos, etc that pertain to Tucson and the surrounding area. Members may also post items they wish to sell, properties they wish to rent/sell, and so forth, within reason.

Before you post a "There's nothing to do in this town!" type of post, please check out the memories (and the tags) and/or some of the links below. We've collected them there for your convenience, as well as to avoid repeated posts on the same subject. Much information is available under activities or entertainment. There is also a list of some popular Tucson restaurants in the dining section.

If you're looking for a job in Tucson, you will also find some useful links in the jobs section that you can use to begin your search (thanks to footnotefetish).

Community members often post about lost pets. In addition to posting here, we encourage anyone with a lost pet to go to this website (Humane Society of Southern Arizona) for important information about the Humane Society as well as Pima Animal Care Center regarding lost and found pets.

As always, please treat other members with respect. If you fail to follow this simple rule, you risk being banned from the community.

Also, please post pictures behind the LJ cut tag. You may post one (1) picture outside an lj-cut provided the dimensions do not exceed 320x240, no exceptions. LJ provides a page that will help you learn to use LJ cut.

Disclaimer: if you feel the need to post personal addresses and/or phone numbers in this community, for your own safety we would recommend... well, not to. But if you still want to, you should probably lock that entry at least. The community and its maintainers are in no way responsible if someone creepy calls you or comes to your house, or for any other bad thing that could happen if you choose to share personal information in a public forum.

Thanks, and have fun!

gemini7 & footnotefetish

Some links to local news, entertainment, & activities:

The Arizona Daily Star
City of Tucson's "Hot Topics" (syndicated at city_of_tucson)
The Tucson Weekly (syndicated at tucson_weekly)
Craigslist (Tucson)
The Arizona Daily Wildcat (syndicated at daily_wildcat)
Tucson Originals (local non-chain eateries)